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Shaker Shack Photos

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Shaker Shack Photos

Shaker Shack Photos joined Earthshaker Music in 2015, bringing a new type of photo booth to the industry.

Photo Booth

Why is Shaker Shack Different

Shaker Shack Photos is NOT your typical Kiosk photo booth. We bring something new and different to your event.

Photo Booth

Difference in the making

Shaker Shack Photos is a unique photo booth. We offer one on one attention from our photographer, and make sure that each picture is just what you want.

Photo Templates

Whether you are hosting a birthday party, holiday party, wedding or back yard BBQ, we cater to whatever you would like.  Our photos are 4x6 prints, not just a 2x6 strip.  


Each picture template is designed for you and your guests.  We DO NOT just give you a few templates to choose from and then slap your event name on it, we sit down with you, to design a unique template just for you and your occasion.


BUT....If you see a previous template that you like, we can adjust it to meet your needs.  

Photo Booth
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