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On October 9, 2017 everyone in Santa Rosa woke to a fear like no other.  Fire was sweeping through our town at such a rapid rate, that many had very little time to get out, and sadly some did not.  It was a fire storm like no other this town has ever seen.  


Fire swept through Coffey Park, Fountain Grove and continued to burn into Napa County and Solano County.  We watched homes and landmarks turn into ash.  We all wept, worried and cried.  For several days people were being evacuated, and fire seemed to surround our community.  The air was thick with smoke, hearts were heavy and fear was great. 


After almost a week the air started to clear, the firemen started gaining containment, and day by day people were able to finally get back to their homes, but some just found ash, where that family photo used to be.

We at Earthshaker Music and Shaker Shack Photos would like to take a moment to thank all of the first responders who came from all over to help battle the fire that took so much from our community.  Our thoughts are with all of you that have lost so much.  

We dedicate this page to the people of our community that clung together, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers.  Together we are a community that stands strong, and pulls together.

We are Sonoma Strong.

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